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Here's my favorite Olympic sprinting picture: Barcelona in 1992, the 4x100 meter relay, Carl Lewis followed by the Nigerian anchorman and the Super Mario-looking little Cuban anchorman, all celebrating their medals after they crossed the finish line, not 40 meters in front of it as Jamaican Usain Bolt did tonight. With the race barely half over, Bolt dropped his arms to his sides like Muhammad Ali, thumped his chest to taunt his Jamaican rival Asafa Powell (and teammate in next Saturday's relay, but who's thinking ahead?), and mugged for the cameras, all before cantering across the finish line, still eight feet ahead of the field in a world record time of 9.69.

Sprinters ...

Here's my June post on Usain Bolt and the general topic of doping in Olympic sports, with some interesting comments on runners and swimmers (e.g., Dara Torres) by people who know a lot more than me.

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