Whites “Easy Targets”–Tell Me About It
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Pressure is growing for Milwaukee County DA John T. Chisholm to pursue hate crime charges against the black teenagers who attacked whites at the Wisconsin State Fair.

A friendly secretary at the DA’s office told me over the phone that hate crime charges were indeed being filed and that “stuff keeps rolling in.”

Stuff like, one black teen telling investigators that whites at the fair were “easy targets”. I guess that’s the level of proof needed for black-on-white hate crimes charges these days: a flat-out declaration from a suspect.

Hopefully, Chisholm’s being on the “Racial Disparity Oversight Commission” won’t dissuade him from seeking justice here. Feel free to encourage him yourself with a letter or phone call.

I had to chuckle at the succinct accuracy of the black teenager’s assessment of whites. They really are “easy targets”, and not just while wandering around munching on corn dogs at the county fair. They’re easy targets of immigration hucksters, legislative strong-arming by other racial and ethnic groups, other hate crimes, you name it. They’re easy targets of media cover-ups and media smears. They’re easy targets of the notion that they’ve got no group interests, basically.

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