"White For All Practical Purposes" On Twitter
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Tweeted by Mark Kim, presumably a Korean, and retweeted by Tunku Varadjaran, a Hindu who used to write for the WSJ under the heading "Citizen Of The World."

The for-practical-purposes whiteness of Mr. Kim and Mr. Varadjaran is that they are unlikely to commit random crime, and are also likely to pay more in taxes than they take in.

The difference between them and what Steve Sailer likes to refer to as "Non-Asian Minorities" is predicated on IQ and education, or as Kim's colleague said "You read books."

That's why John Derbyshire has suggested an

"Arctic Alliance, in which we peoples with historical origins above latitude 30 degrees north ? peoples with mean IQs around 100 and current Total Fertility Rates below replacement ? we Arctic peoples, who created the world's two greatest civilizations, those of Europe and East Asia, we pool our resources to defend our territories against the tropical peoples from further south, who have very nice territories of their own, in which, with absolutely no ill will at all, we'd prefer them to stay."
I feel somehow  Mr. Kim isn't impressed by this.

However, I can tell you when Asians are definitely white enough for practical purposes—when, like George Zimmerman, the Asian storekeeper in Ferguson, or the Koreans in the Rodney King riots, they're forced to defend themselves against attacks by blacks.

Then they get exactly as much sympathy from the MSM and help from the government as if they were white—none.

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