Senator Paul Dog-Whistles for the Arctic Alliance
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This week's Radio Derb is on the air (and iTunes, and Taki's Magazine ? see the box here for details).

We cover the convention speeches, of course.  The show went to tape too early for Mitt Romney's, but from the news reports this morning, it doesn't look as though we missed much.

The speech I liked best was Rand Paul's.  Radio Derb:

Radio Derb listeners will recall that Rand was my pick for Vice Presidential candidate.  I wish he'd been Mitt Romney's pick; but I guess that was too much to ask.

I especially liked Senator Paul's repeated shout-outs to his Asian constituents.  I am, as the whole world knows, the first and most zealous promoter of the Arctic Alliance, in which we peoples with historical origins above latitude 30 degrees north ? peoples with mean IQs around 100 and current Total Fertility Rates below replacement ? we Arctic peoples, who created the world's two greatest civilizations, those of Europe and East Asia, we pool our resources to defend our territories against the tropical peoples from further south, who have very nice territories of their own, in which, with absolutely no ill will at all, we'd prefer them to stay.

I'm confident that I can get the Arctic Alliance up and running, and look forward to the day when they will build statues to me in Arctopolis, the ultimate capital, somewhere in the Urals, probably.  However, the first step is to get all the Arctics in the United States voting together.  Why not?  If the blacks and Hispanics vote overwhelmingly Democrat, the whites and Asians ? the Arctics ? should vote overwhelmingly Republican.

Problem is, we don't.  Asian-Americans in fact vote Democrat, though not as heavily as the blacks and Hispanics.  We need to work on this: get the Asian-Americans voting Republican.  Since America's future is plainly tribal, let's make sure the Asian-Americans know which tribe is best for them.

Rand Paul did excellent work there, reminding Asian-Americans that they are entrepreneurial, socially conservative, and independent-minded ? natural Republicans.

I'm not sure that "shout-out" is the right expression there, since Senator Paul's appeal was not very explicit.  Perhaps it was more of a . . . what's the phrase? . . . a . . . mmm . . . yes! ? a dog whistle.                         

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