White Criminals Make The Front Page
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In 2002 I did an article called Philadelphia Foolishness in which I discussed the kerfuffle that resulted when the Philadelphia Daily News printed a front page story full of the "photographs of 15 of the 41 people who [had] outstanding homicide warrants in the Philadelphia area." There were no white people among the 15, and there were no white suspects being sought for murder. Complaints about this were heard from a black PR man, a local black politician, and local Black Muslim Imam. Well, the Chicago Tribune is apparently not taking any chances of this happening to them, and managed to pick the two whitest criminals out of a lineup for their front page. A Nation Of Cowards writes:

Chi-Trib Mug Shots: Focusing On White Criminals?

Posted by The Man On October - 13 - 2009
We ran a similar story to this a couple of weeks ago and here we go again. If you go to the front page of the Chicago Tribune right now this is the graphic they’ve posted for their mug shot gallery

front page

To be even more specific…


What’s odd about this image is that at the time of assembling this post the young gentleman was #10 in the hit parade, in fact to get to him they had to bypass these nine sweethearts…



They have all the photographs at  A Nation Of Cowards.
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