Brimelow On Jared Taylor's New Book (We Hope)
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Jared Taylor just posted on Takimag (grrrr!!) an excerpt from his new book-in-progress on race and immigration:
In his famous speech of April 20, 1968, the British statesman Enoch Powell said, ”The discussion of future grave but, with effort now, avoidable evils is the most unpopular and at the same time the most necessary occupation for the politician.”

One great, avoidable evil we face is the declining quality of the American work force.

The Census Bureau tells us that if immigration continues at its current rate of nearly two million people a year, whites will become a minority of the under-18 child population in just 14 years–in 2023–and will become a minority of the working population just 16 years later. The greatest increase will be in Hispanics, who are now dropping out of high school at higher rates than blacks, doing little better than blacks when they manage to stay in school, and are the group least likely to go to college. Demographers are beginning to warn that as well-educated, white baby boomers retire and are replaced by poorly educated blacks and Hispanics, the productivity gains of the last several hundred years will be reversed, and the United States could go into a tailspin.

”We have the possibility of transforming the American dream into the American tragedy,” says Irwin Kirsch, senior research director at the Educational Testing Service.

Taylor is perhaps the most brilliant of the individuals now grouped in what Takimag's Richard Spencer calls the "post-paleo" movement or "Alternative Right " (to distinguish it from the Establishment or Beltway Right). Taylor's earlier book on race, Paved With Good Intentions, was deservedly successful. (I even reviewed it for the pre-purge National Review!) He has a real live literary agent representing this one. But I'm going to bet that no mainstream publisher picks it up, because of the post-Bell Curve Reign of Terror that cripples American public debate about race.

Of course, I hope I'm wrong. And, fortunately, with the internet, it doesn't—ultimately—matter any more. The Main Stream Media is finished, along with the traitorous caste that infests it. But it can't happen a moment too soon.

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