White-Bashing, Chelsea-Style
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Just wrapping up at The Kitchen, an artspace in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, was "On Whiteness", a multi-media extravaganza dedicated to showing "whiteness as a kind of narcissistic disorder—lacking empathy and paranoid about losing power, despite being malignantly powerful", in the words of the New Yorker.

One exhibit, by Hong Kong-born artist Paul Chan, featured fabric-and-fan blown KKK figures rising and falling. The figures, says writer Andrea K. Scott, are "cautionary mascots of inflated self-worth and defensive fragility."

I'm sure it occurred to the artists and patrons that being subjected to an entire art installation dedicated to mocking you might explain why whites are concerned about losing power.  If it's easy, fun and cost-free to bash a group of people, there's nothing "powerful" about them.

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