What You Read Here First, You Can Now Read On the Front Page of the NYT
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Today the New York Times takes on a couple of subjects covered earlier, and sometimes better, on VDARE.com. One is the existence of patriotic, anti-illegal immigration, Hispanic activists.

The other the is the possibility of suing the employers of illegal immigrants under the RICO act.

Robert Vasquez is a Republican county commissioner in Canyon County, Idaho, who has hired Howard Foster to sue the employers of illegal aliens in Canyon County.

Mr. Vasquez says the newcomers overwhelm public services, bring gang violence and drugs, spread diseases like tuberculosis and insist on rights that should not be granted to noncitizens.

His latest salvo, a plan to sue employers who hire illegal immigrants, has angered the solidly Republican business community and many of the senior political leaders in this heavily Republican state. The plan would make Canyon County the only local government in the country to use federal racketeering statutes against people who employ illegal immigrants, said Howard Foster, a Chicago lawyer advising the county.

As a result, Mr. Vasquez has forced a sharp fight on an issue that poses difficulties for Republicans, pitting people and business owners who rely on illegal immigrants for labor against people who see them as a threat to jobs and security.A Battle Against Illegal Workers, With an Unlikely Driving Force, By Timothy Egan, May 30, 2005

Howard Foster writes:

The New York Times has recognized that illegal immigration is dividing the Republican party. I hope my lawsuits will finally force the GOP to realize that illegal immigration hurts people. It is not a victimless crime. There are more Republicans on our side than there are business owners who favor illegal immigration because it lines their pockets.

By the way, Canyon County doesn't have to be "the only local government in the country " suing employers over their budget-busting criminal activities. If you're in local government, and you have big businesses in your area bringing in illegals, to their profit, and the county's loss, try calling Howard Foster!

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