23 Million Illegal Aliens…Sounds About Right
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The Honorable Russell K. Pearce of State District 18 in Arizona wrote a marvelous opinion editorial for the Arizona Republic about the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (S.1033). Amnesty plan puts citizenship up for sale by Russell K. Pearce for My Turn May. 31, 2005

There were several salient points in Mr. Pearce’s column:

1. He assesses the illegal immigrant population at 23 million. D.A. King isn’t looking so crazy with his earlier estimate of 20 million—well, that is to say his estimate doesn’t seem crazy…

[BB note to DAK: I only tease you because I want to be you when I grow up—but with hair of course.]

2. He focuses on the “America for Sale” element of the bill which I mentioned in my column last week. (Not to appear haughty but I was hoping someone would pick up on this.)

Lastly, Mr. Pearce aggressively attacks the shady dealings of Congressmen Kolbe and Flake as well as Senator John McCain...the pseudo-conservatives behind the madness.

It is important to attack the members of the OBL (Open Border Lobby) but likewise I think we should applaud those willing to fight.

Mr. Pearce deserves a standing ovation.

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