What Year Does Biden Remember Better? 1960 Or 2020?
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Joe Biden is always announcing that we need these innovative new programs, like Sensitivity Training for police, that would have been cutting edge when he was 18 in 1960, but by 2020 have already been in place for generations.

I actually think Joe Biden’s heart is in the right place, but I worry that when his young staffers tell him their demented 2020 ideas about race, rather than saying “That’s crazy” and firing them, he translates their nuttiness into his sensible Kennedyesque reformer mindset: We should sign cops up for some of this new-fangled Sensitivity Training!

I fear Joe remembers 1960 better than he remembers 2020.

But doesn’t everybody these days?

This is what makes it so hard to predict what a Biden Administration would be like. I really don’t think Biden wants to do again to American cities what liberals did to them in the 1960s, but does he have the strength left in him to resist his own staff?

Will President Biden be able to get it across to his staffers that he doesn’t actually want crime to run amok in America’s cities like it did the last time liberals got control of the criminal justice system?

And if he does, will they have him canceled for saying things like:

“Understanding other cultures, know what people are like, what they’re thinking about. How they act, what is consistent with the culture that they’re from… make sure cops are trained… to know what to expect in a community.”

Joe apparently thinks that Critical Race Theory training for cops must be useful street-smart stuff like telling them cadets not to insult a black perp’s mother because even bad dudes like Corn Pop are surprisingly sensitive about that kind of thing and therefore likely to go ape on you, rather than being nonstop White Man Bad.

Is Joe going to have a lot of Millennial women staffers working in the West Wing? What if they declare on Instagram that they don’t feel safe around him sniffing their hair and telling them rambling “racially charged” anecdotes about Corn Pop?

Seriously, I can imagine poor Joe getting into a personnel spiral where first, say, three black women staffers complain about how he has made them feel Unsafe, so then he has to promote them and hire more black women, who listen for even more implicit crimethink on Joe’s part, so he has to hire even more black women. Then the gays and Asians and Latinx all try to get their own empire-building punched up by complaining about something Biden had said, and so forth and so on.

Joe would need a ruthless bastard chief of staff like Malcolm Tucker on The Thick of It or he’s going to get eaten alive by his own junior underlings.

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