What Was Wrong With The Mass The Bishops Celebrated On The Border
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Brenda Walker has published an excellent piece on the Catholic bishops, who profaned the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the border to promote treason, anarchy and the destruction of our country. Here are few very important observations from the real Catholic perspective, not the leftist exegesis of the Gospel these bishops are peddling.

First, note this telling quote from Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, a Mexican working in Seattle and chairman of the Migration Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Said Elizondo in a release about the Mass,

“As a moral matter, our nation can no longer employ an immigration system that divides families and denies basic due process protections to our fellow human beings.”

This statement is false, which means one of two things: Elizondo is lying. Or, to be nicer about it, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

The U.S. “immigration system” does not “divide families” or “deny basic due process protecitons to our fellow human beings,” by which he means immigrants, most of them border jumping Mexicans. Those would be his countrymen.

What divides the families are the irresponsible Mexicans, who endanger not only their own lives but also those of wives and children and other relatives, by crossing the dangerous border illegally. It is dangerous not only because of the climate but also because drug smugglers.

Nor, as we know, are they denied due process. They get hearings and legal proceedings before they are deported, which brings up a second lie Elizondo is peddling: that there needs to be “the expansion of prosecutorial discretion and the phase out of federal-state-local enforcement programs.”

ICE Director John Morton gave such discretion to to his agents in 2011 with a long-list of criteria that ICE officials can use to stop deportation proceedings. Basically, he and President Obama have, for all intents and purposes, made the DREAM Act law. No serious observer of immigration disputes this truth.

If Elizondo lied, he broke one of the commandments, and any bishop who backs him is an accessory to this mortal sin. Any well-schooled Catholic know the nine ways of being an accessory to another's sin:

  • By counsel
  • By command
  • By consent
  • By provocation
  • By praise or flattery
  • By concealment
  • By partaking
  • By silence
  • By defense of the ill done.

If Elizondo is not lying, then he is, at least, willfully ignorant and guilty of special pleading. As chairman of the USCCB's Committee on Migration, he is duty-bound to educate himself and know the subject matter he is discussing, lest he perpetrate falsehoods and mislead the faithful. Bishops are not just teachers. They must also be students. At minimum, he is guilty of dereliction in his duty to properly educate himself and the faithful.

Elizondo said more, but you get the idea.

And all this ignores other issues, not least of which is justice for the citizens of this country, the duty of immigrants to obey the law and actual Catholic teaching on immigration. To put it simply, no country is obliged to accept all immigrants, and immigration, the bishops themselves say, is “ultimately not something to celebrate.”

Second, consider what occurred at the border Mass, which the USCCB sponsored. Cardinal Sean O'Malley presided, distributing Holy Communion through a fence in the middle of a desert. Catholics know the Blessed Sacrament is the actual body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

This could have opened the door to a terrible sacrilege and profanation, not least by having no way to stop someone from absconding with a consecrated Host instead of consuming it. A priest friend of mine explained what happens at large papal Masses: “When I was in the seminary, a friend told me about how, after a Papal Mass, garbage bags filled with hosts were delivered to churches all over the diocese, in an effort to get as many hosts as possible into vessels in tabernacles. He said that hosts were seen in the mud all over the site of the Mass.”

Non-Catholics will think this unimportant in the big scheme of things. For the faithful, it isn't.

Then we have the secondary purpose of the Mass: to put pressure on politicians to open the border and declare amnesty. The Mass is meant to honor God; it is not a cudgel with which to browbeat politicians. Whenever the orthodox complain that pro-abortion politicians are receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously because they are in a state of mortal sin, some bishops reply thusly: The Eucharist is not a weapon. Oh yeah? Well, it looked an awful lot to some of us like O'Malley used it as a weapon here.

Here's what that my friend the priest said about O'Malley's sojourn to the border:

If Nancy Pelosi walked up to any of these bishops for Communion, they would give it to her. A mortal sin on their part as well as hers.

All but about fifteen American bishops are walking around habitually in the state of mortal sin, which they display by their coddling of pro-abortion politicians and their contempt for the Eucharist.

They pull self-promoting stunts like this Mass, campaigning for more immigration, knowing that 70% of [Hispanic] immigrants vote pro-abortion [for Democrats].

They chant a stock collection of proof-texts about "strangers" — to the effect that the U.S. has no business having borders.

We had a collection of pro-Soviet, pro-Sandinista bishops 30 years ago. They have successors in these abortionist-loving bishops like O'Malley, [Donald] Wuerl, [Charles] Chaput, [Francis] George, [Timothy] Dolan — all of whom have officially come out in favor of violating Canon 915, flying in the face of the canon itself, and the words of Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004, and the exhaustive article by Cardinal [Raymond] Burke. O'Malley has been sleazy enough to blame the Pope (JPII) for not resolving the question of whether Canon 915 should be obeyed or ignored.

Since Wuerl and O'Malley are reportedly among the Pope's most trusted advisers, what kind of judge of character is the Pope?

This priest's conclusion? “We are living in a Dark Age. Most of the bishops are our enemies.”

As for the sexual-abuse scandal, the bishops position on immigration is connected. A network of homosexual priests and bishops has infested the Church. Homosexualism is a leftist ideology. Open-borders ideology, also leftist, anti-American and another perversion of Catholic teaching, goes along with it. For those bishops who don't know it, patriotism is a duty, treason a mortal sin.

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