What's All The Fuss About the Old Fuddy-Duddy Arlen Specter?
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There’s plenty of buzz from the mainstream media about Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter’s so called defection from the Republican to the Democratic Party.

But in the VDARE.COM breakroom, the consensus is ”who cares?” Specter has been officially and unofficially a Democrat all his life, dating back to his early political career as Philadelphia’s District Attorney.

More recently as a RINO, Specter has consistently voted with the Democrats on passing an amnesty and issuing more non-immigrant visas.

Whichever party he represents, Specter will face a tough re-election bid. Here in Pittsburgh, the Post-Gazette ran an unofficial poll asking readers if they thought Specter made the right or choice by switching or if he should retire. By nearly a 2-1 margin, readers wanted the fossilized Specter to retire.

Specter’s political future is just as tenuous as a Democrat as it was as a Republican

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