Why Aren't We Paying Unemployed Illegal Immigrants To Go Home?
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From Business Week, here's the latest on places with Depression-level unemployment rates: A couple are in Greater Detroit, but most are in California, and are heavily Hispanic. By the way, in El Centro, the place with the worst unemployment in the country, minorities got 84.3% of all conventional home purchase mortgage dollars in 2006 (prime and subprime) according the federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act database (see page 2 of this government report). In Merced, the only other place in the country where unemployment is over 20%, minorities got 79.7% of the 2006 mortgage dollars.

Of the top 203 metropolitan statistical areas in Q1-2009, "Merced, Calif., had the second highest [foreclosure] rate," according to RealtyTrac.

So, our bipartisan policy was to lure in illegal immigrants "to do the jobs Americans just won't do" building the houses Americans just don't need and that Hispanics, American or illegal, turned out to just not be able to afford.

Cities With Jobless Rates of 15% or More
Metro Area State March 2009 Jobless Rate Rise From March 2008
El Centro CA 25.1% 7.5
Merced CA 20.4% 6.7
Yuba City CA 19.5% 6.8
Elkhart-Goshen IN 18.8% 13
Visalia-Porterville CA 17.7% 6.1
Modesto CA 17.5% 6.3
Bend OR 17.0% 9.2
Fresno CA 17.0% 6
Redding CA 16.8% 6.6
Hanford-Corcoran CA 16.7% 5.4
Stockton CA 16.4% 6.2
Bakersfield CA 15.9% 5.2
Salinas CA 15.7% 5
Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton NC 15.4% 9.1
Flint MI 15.3% 4.6
Madera-Chowchilla CA 15.3% 5
Yuma AZ 15.3% 5.4
Ocean City NJ 15.0% 4.2

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