What KIND Of American Sergeant Is Being Held In Afghan Shootings?
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In Afghanistan, an American Army sergeant apparently shot a number of Afghan civilians in one of these mass murder shootings, similar to the Virginia Tech Massacre, or what we’ve been calling “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.” [Army sergeant kills 16 Afghan villagers, AP, March 12, 2012] It might more properly be compared to the My Lai killings, or Baruch Goldstein’s shooting up the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

As I  write, the sergeant’s name has still not been released.

 I’d like to know what color he is, and also what nationality. This is the kind of detail the Mainstream Media likes to suppress, and we are forced to deduce by looking at him.

I don’t know whether the soldier was white or black, native-born or one of the immigrant soldiers that neoconservatives like Max Boot favor, but I do know that it’s important.

Barack Obama has already apologized for the killings—revising and extending his previous apologies for videos featuring actual terrorists who had been shot and…urinated on by Marines. Obama is a practised apologizer.

But if people are going to say  that these murders say something about America, then the public needs to know if it says anything about regular America, about one group of American immigrants, or about black America. The Daily Kos is already trying to blame Rush Limbaugh.

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