What Has Media Matters Got Against American Whites?
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I deliberately didn't post an advance blog about Allan Wall's May 24 appearance on Fox & Friends to discuss Mexican immigration hypocrisy because I knew from experience that leftist vigilantes would immediately start bullying the network and I was obviously right: although host Steve Doocy made only one (1) fleeting reference to Allan's writing for VDARE.COM, somebody called Simon Maloy was harrumphing on the Media Matters thugsite within a couple of hours. The Treason Lobby has so much money!

Typically, Maloy made no effort to address what Allan actually said in the interview but instead relied entirely on guilt by association i.e. Allan writes for VDARE.COM and we are a "hate" site (the $PLC says so!).

And the only evidence of that cited by Maloy is that "by its editor's own admission", VDARE.COM publishes "white nationalists".

I have dealt with this accusation many times, for example here. VDARE.COM is a coalition and publishes immigration critics from across the political (and racial) specrum. That absolutely includes individuals who are "white nationalists" in the sense that they aim explicitly at defending white American interests. This seems to me to be at least as legitimate as Black Nationalism, La Raza-type Hispanic nationalism, or Zionism.

Reading between the lines, it's obvious that Maloy has never heard of this argument, which isn't surprising given the intellectual parochialism of the Left and its generally low level of intelligence.

Of course, there are some who positively want to suppress any sign of white a.k.a. American self-awareness:

But white nationalism, explicit or implicit, is simply inevitable, as America balkanizes because of government immigration policy.

Why does this frighten Media Matters so much? What does it (or its funders) have against American whites?

(Ask it. Be polite.)


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