Welcome, "No Apology".
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One of the most encouraging things about the 2006-7 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration wars has been the way they seem to have stimulated new patriotic blogs. My view is that the threat of being displaced had a lot to do with some of the older ”establishment’ sites shifting on the issue.

Exhaustion is widespread amongst those active in the recent battle, but the No Apology blog has summoned the energy to compile a valuable compendium of sources on Illegal Immigrant Criminals in America.

Of course, we appreciate the kind words about VDARE.com, and more particularly, the gesture of featuring on No Apology’s Home Page the download availability of Alien Nation.

A startling number of Alien Nations have been downloaded since Peter Brimelow made it available free. The Publisher’s dubiously-motivated decision to let the book go out of print has backfired and actually stimulated readership, thanks to the miracle of the internet - and generous patriots like No Apology.

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