The Times They Are a-Changin`
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Increasingly it appears the latest round of Bush Betrayal really has unleashed a seismic event in American politics. Consider this posting at the excellent Lonewacko blog (long distinguished for powerful patriotic work on the immigration disaster). Lonewacko is reporting yesterday’s email from NumbersUSA on the prospects for defeating Tuesday’s cloture vote (7 to 10 more votes needed). But the link used to display the email is actually a posting on FreeRepublic.

FreeRepublic, of course, notoriously banned links several years ago, and generally suppressed discussion of immigration policy, including deleting postings. That Lonewacko, which knows what it is doing, feels confident in using the link (e.g. that it will not be removed), indicates a major change has taken place.

The Republican base has burst into rebellion and the Beltway types are not going to be able to control this.

(P.S. Yes, I know the title shows my age.)

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