WEEKLY STANDARD On The War On Christmas: "Just Because It Was Bill O’Reilly Hawking The War On Christmas Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Real"
December 21, 2017, 08:48 AM
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Jonathan V. Last has an article in the Weekly Standard on the War On Christmas which is so on point that we would have published it ourselves—a brief sample:
Christmas is intrinsic to the American character, both in the gauche, free-market sense, and also the sense of self-image—everyone wants to believe himself to be charitable and peaceable and kind. You can’t beat Christmas with a stick.

As such, it’s the last fortress of Judeo-Christian ethics in America. It’s the Alamo. Though that’s not really an apt metaphor, because the Alamo is where brave men fought and died. Christmas is actually a redoubt from which we can rebuild the culture. You might even call it a rock. A mighty fortress. A sure foundation.

The left understands this. Which is why they declared war on it.

The scope of this “war on Christmas” was popularized over the years by our professional culture warriors.. Every December Bill O’Reilly used to point to examples of private citizens and government officials doing their best to push Christmas into the closet. But just because it was Bill O’Reilly hawking the war on Christmas doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

There was the governor of Rhode Island rechristening—if you’ll pardon the expression—the Christmas tree in the state house as a “holiday tree.” There were the billboards put up by the group American Atheists urging children to “skip church” because Christmas is a “fairy tale.” And from sea to shining sea, towns and schools have been bullied into airbrushing Christmas from the public square. Just to give you a sampling: There’s the elementary school in Oklahoma that banned any “Christmas-themed songs” from its “December Play.” Then there’s the town in North Carolina that decided to take down a nativity scene it had displayed in front of the courthouse every December for generations after a couple atheists complained about it. A town in Indiana had a similar problem with its nativity scene and declined to take it down—so they’ve endured lawsuit after lawsuit from the ACLU and a group called the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” ever since. Please understand that this is just a thimbleful of seawater from a vast, roiling ocean.

 The Secret History of the War on Christmas | It goes deeper than you think, December 21, 2017

The only caveat I would have is that it should be full of links—otherwise read the whole thing.