Washtech on H-1B Expansion
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Washtech, the Seattle based technical union writes:
Last week President Bush called for an increase in the federal cap on H-1B visas, an issue he said he feels "strongly" about and wants to work with Congress to make happen. Read the story at ComputerWorld here: or see the offical text at (14th paragraph)

Last October, WashTech pointed out that since 1998, the law has required that an annual H1B visa report be issued to Congress. However, it has not been issued to Congress in more than three years. WashTech created a campaign to correct that, and after several elected officials contacted the Department of Homeland Security, they finally released two years of reports - but they are still over a year behind. This makes it even more ridiculous to suggest an increase in the number of H-1B visas to be issued, as President Bush is suggesting.

Looks like the GOP is working hard to once again lose the votes of college-educate white males—their traditional core constituency.

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