Senator Sam Brownback Exhibits A Sign Of Brain Activity
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Veteran VDARE readers are thoroughly familiar with the machinations of Sam Brownback (R-KS), the Senator representing the Refugee-Industrial Complex. He was recently tattled on here for injecting a "Widows and Orphans" clause into the late, unlamented S2611.

Audaciously mislabeled, like so much of what the Treason Lobby puts forth, Brownback's contribution to S2611 would have changed asylum law so as to make a shouting match with one's (presumably alive) husband a ticket for permanent U.S. residency. (Note that asylum used to, quaintly, be a rescue from political persecution in one's home country.)

Well, Senator Sam is now running for president — but then, who isn't? (Kansas readers will have to tell us if Tom Wicker's great line — from his classic political novel Facing the Lions — about a presidential aspirant with delusions of grandeur applies to Brownback: " ... and him the kind that could f-ck up a two-car funeral.")

Consequently, in just the last week, I've had two pieces of begging mail from Brownback's campaign. I promptly used their postage-paid return envelopes to send the campaign some choice remarks about the senator's epiphany that the clutch of Somali Bantu refugees he arranged for were a natural fit for Lewiston, Maine but somehow wouldn't work so well in Wichita.

However, I just noticed that today's solicitation has a listing of Brownback's "Conservative Platform for America," and "Immigration" makes his list! Admittedly, it's fifth of five, behind "Life" (i.e. abortion), "Taxes", "Spending", and "Marriage" (i.e. the marriage amendment), but there it is.

He says "I support construction of a high-tech fence that secures our entire border. America must secure its borders and enforce the Rule of Law."

Of course there's plenty of room for weaseling in his words "high-tech fence." Maybe he means a "virtual fence" consisting, say, of a fleet of UAVs that precisely tracks each illegal alien and builds up a data base on him against the unlikely eventuality the feds will ever try to arrest and deport him.

On the other hand "secure its borders" and "Rule of Law" both have nice rings to them.

So maybe the senator has had a brain transplant?

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