College Paper Beats New York TImes
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Jim Lindgren at the Volokh Conspiracy says that if

bloggers were eligible for Pulitzer Prizes for journalism (they aren't unless their blogs are hosted on newspaper sites), I would nominate Brooklyn Professor KC Johnson, who blogs at Cliopatria and Durham-in-Wonderland, for his coverage of the Duke case. No self-respecting journalist would think of writing anything long and evaluative on the Duke case without first checking the "blog of record," Durham-in-Wonderland [The Duke Case

But he notes that there an institution eligible for a Pulitzer, ( isn't eligible either, even when we do something absolutely definitive) and it's not the New York Times. It's the Duke University student paper, the Chronicle, run by and written by students who are carrying a full course load. KC Johnson says that

In fact, compare the Chronicle’s coverage to that of the New York Times on this case, but remove the mastheads from the two papers. I suspect that most people would guess that the Times, with its (until recently) simplistic, one-sided articles and commentary was the college newspaper, and the Chronicle’s work was that of the country's paper of record.Durham-in-Wonderland: Power of the (College) Press

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