Washington Post +Professional Hispanic = Poisonous advice for GOP
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On Saturday, a newspaper well known as a stalwart friend of the Republicans, deeply concerned to ensure their continued electoral supremacy , published Virginia’s Message to the GOP The Washington Post - Leslie Sanchez November 19 2005 [Access requires free registration].

This article is an arrogant demand by a Professional Hispanic that the Republicans abandon any interest in stopping the swamping of America by her ethnic group. Leslie Sanchez, who appears to be making a career out of Latino preferences, alleges the recent Gubernatorial defeat in Virginia was caused by the candidate daring to express reservations about illegal immigration.

Since the placing of this article was clearly intended to encourage DC’s Republican hacks to go back to guzzling at the Fedearal trough and ignore the issue some more, it needed a prompt reply. None of our VDARE regulars were free - and into the breach has stepped Glenn Greenwald. By Saturday evening he had posted an excellent 1,500 word rebuttal on his blog Unclaimed Territory

few problems are more pressing…The parade of evils caused by illegal immigration is widely known, and it gets worse every day. In short, illegal immigration wreaks havoc economically, socially, and culturally; makes a mockery of the rule of law; and is disgraceful just on basic fairness grounds alone. Few people dispute this, and yet nothing is done.

A substantial part of the GOP base urgently wants Republicans, who now control the entire Federal Government, to take the lead in enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. And yet the GOP, despite its unchallenged control, does virtually nothing, infuriating this sector of its party. The White House does worse than nothing…

There already is a “closed sign on the border” when it comes to illegal immigration. It’s called the law. The problem is that the “closed sign” isn’t being enforced because the Federal Government, which has its interfering, power-hungry hands in virtually everything else, has abdicated its duty in one of the very few areas where it was actually meant to be: border security…

Sanchez’s political analysis is odious in the extreme, as this line of thinking is what has brainwashed countless spineless Republicans to steer clear of illegal immigration, even while the crises intensifies every day…Sanchez asserts, without a shred of evidence, that large numbers of Hispanic and Muslim suburban voters in Virginia were turned off by Kilgore’s use of the term “illegal immigration”…as though there are no other issues which might be important to Muslim voters and which might have turned them away from the GOP . . . hmmm. . . what other issues might those be?...

… what is the point of getting elected if the price for entrance is running away from the country’s most pressing problems?… The real irony here is that the problem of illegal immigration is actually one of the very few of the ever-dwindling number of issues that has the opportunity to forge common ground among factions of voters which are, these days, engaged in a ceaseless war with each other. Being worried, and outraged, about illegal immigration is not confined to the extreme precincts of conservatism.

Here at VDARE.com, we are proud of Steve Sailer’s definitive work refuting the Hispanic vote myth. We applaud Glenn Greenwald’s patriotism in sacrificing his Saturday to refute Leslie Sanchez’ selfish and pernicious nonsense.

Hat Tip A Certain Slant of Light - which also wrote a fine piece on this topic

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