Our Friends Tamar and MEChA
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Sometimes I think we earnest reformers in the cause of saving America should retire to the nearest drinking establishment and let the obnoxious opposition do the heavy lifting.

Is not the annoying Tamar Jacoby our secret weapon, particularly when she appears on television? Her message of open borders appeasement, delivered in a high-decibel shreik, surely propels many fence-sitters to the side of order and sovereignty. You go girl!

For a more diverse experience, check out this October video clip of MEChA types in Sacramento as they demand drivers licenses for illegals, expressing their desires and frustrations in the unique style of today's Mexo-leftist: "License Illegal — Students and Community Organizers Protest in Sacramento"

An organizer named Luiz is typical. He complains that the Sen. Gil Cedillo proposal for DLs includes a different design for "immigrants" which Luiz says is "like what Hitler did with the Jews." Only in America, those so designated get food stamps and healthcare rather than a trip to the gas chamber.

There's also a well-fed fellow wearing a mask and revolutionary-themed t-shirt saying, "We are workers, not terrorists." How reassuring. Do call the personnel manager ASAP!

Free speech — how sweet it is!

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