WASHINGTON POST: “Men” Are Trying To Molest Children In Arlington—Hispanic Men, That Is.
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In yet another highly informative headline, The Washington Post reports that “men” are trying to lure children into cars and molest them in Arlington, Va.

Throughout the story, we keep reading about “men.”

Only in the last paragraph do we learn this about a pervert who was casting a lascivious eye at a girl on April 7: “The man was said to be Hispanic, in his 30s, about 5 feet 6 inches and 160 pounds.”

Any prosecutor in the country will tell you that child molestation cases increase with the number of Mexicans or Central Americans in a community. They don’t consider man-girl sex a big deal, as we know from the age of consent laws in Mexico. (Read Adios America for more details).

For at least two decades, Arlington, one of the most left-wing “counties” in the country (it’s more like a city), has bent over backward to accommodate its growing host of immigrants. Many of them are illegals.

I would have said it’s a safe bet that most of the  “men” in the Post story are Hispanics, and the official police report says that’s true.

Three out of four suspects are definitely described as Hispanic. The fourth is described thus by the police: “a heavy set Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Italian male, possibly in his 50’s with thinning black hair, big lips and small rimmed sunglasses.”

These men are a threat to children.

And the Washington Post won't say who they are.

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