WASHINGTON POST Laments Public's View of Black Girls, But Maybe All Stereotypes Are True
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A study found adults see black girls as ‘less innocent,’ shocking everyone but black moms (by Jonita Davis, July 13, 2017).

Actually, I wasn't shocked at all. Maybe if so many black girls didn't have children at age 13, adults wouldn't see  them as "less innocent."

That stereotypical problem has been improving, Pew reports, but still:

Among non-Hispanic white teens, the birth rate in 2013 was 19 births per 1,000, while among black teens, it was 39 births per 1,000. Latina teens have the highest birth rate, at 42 births per 1,000 teens. The birth rate for Native American teens was 31 births per 1,000, while among Asian/Pacific Islander teens, the birth rate was 9 births per 1,000.
Black teens have more than twice as many children out of wedlock as white. Hispanic girls are worse.

In other words, black girls are "less innocent." And so are "Latinas", and the causes of that have nothing to do with white society.

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