Transracialism: Black Cub Sammy Sosa Is Now A Pink Panther
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Here in North America, everybody knows that transgenderism, such as the fact that Caitlyn Jenner won the Olympics and set many records for her gender, is 100% legit hard science, while transracialism, such as Rachel Dolezal using Jheri Curl, is lunatic sci-fi nonsense.

In Latin America, though, not so much …

For example, consider retired Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa. The Dominican started out black and is now pink. He now looks like a Havana boulevardier who had to relocate his act to Miami Beach in 1959, especially if said boulevardier wasn’t an heir to a distant sugar plantation like he said, but was instead a legendary international jewel thief.

Although on second though, Sammy now looks even more like Snagglepuss than he looks like the Pink Panther.

Anyway, I wrote about Sammy’s transracialism back in 2010 in VDARE.

And I wrote about Brazilian soccer superstar’s Neymar Jr.’s wanderings across the color line in 2014.

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