Washington Post Catches Up With VDARE.com Coverage Of Stealth Amnesty
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We've been writing about Obama's stealth amnesty and the things his political appointees have been doing to NOT deport people for a while. (See Patrick Cleburne's Federale: Obama Stealth Amnesty expanding below.) Now the Washington Post is catching up, with a story about resistance to the upper-level amnesty policies, which look to law enforcement officers in the ranks like corruption, and look to VDARE.com like treason.
"The criticisms of ICE illustrate the obstacles the Obama administration must navigate in selling the changes to the ranks while trying to appear both tough on enforcement and serious about fixing the nation's immigration laws. The friction between the agency's leadership and managers tasked with instituting the changes reflects the nation's split over immigration. "

[Tension over Obama policies within Immigration and Customs, By Andrew Becker, August 27, 2010]

Key phrase: "trying to appear." The Washington Post is saying that even such enforcement as is actually taking place is in the service of eventual amnesty.
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