Mexican Marijuana Gangsters Arrested in Yosemite
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Sadly, summer is nearly gone. In addition to shorter days, the approach of fall also means that it’s harvest season all around America, where Mexican organized crime is increasingly growing marijuana on US public lands. As I’ve pointed out in various articles and blog items, these pot plots are not harmless gardens, but noxious industrial sites of poisonous chemicals which destroy the flora and fauna which are supposed to be protected by their park status.

Recent news from Yosemite is the arrest of two illegal Mexicans for growing marijuana in the park. Congrats to the rangers for apprehending the perps (who often escape at the sound of police, leaving only tortillas, beans and a toxic dump).

Yosemite rangers raid marijuana garden, arrest 2, AP, August 25, 2010

Authorities have arrested two men following a raid on a marijuana garden that straddled Yosemite National Park and a nearby national forest.

Park rangers uprooted more than 3,600 marijuana plants and seized several pounds of processed pot Tuesday.

Officials said Thursday that the rangers arrested two Mexican citizens, who were in the U.S. illegally, on suspicion of cultivating the garden. Authorities estimate the plants had a street value of $14.6 million.

The park says one of the men was had a concealed loaded pistol. Both were wearing camouflage.

The suspects’ names were not released.

Park officials say hose lines, fertilizers, trash and human waste spread throughout the site had caused extensive environmental damage.

It’s hard to tell whether Washington is doing a better job on this crime than previously (I doubt it), but an August 11 press release from the DoJ expressed seriousness by a score card of action: Operation Trident results in Seizure of Thousands of Marijuana Plants worth more than $1.7 Billion.

At least the government has advanced to the point of feigning interest about our protected natural treasures, like Yosemite and Sequoia Parks, both of which have been infested with Mexican criminals leaving behind a trail of poison and destruction.

Didn’t PBS’ Ken Burns tell us last year that the National Parks were ”America’s Best Idea”? If so, then they certainly should be protected from the predations of a vicious invader.

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