Was the Black-On-White On-Air Virginia Shooting a Hate Crime, Terrorism, or an Excuse to Ignore the Obvious?
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Commenter black sea observes:

The narrative has already been set. The Charleston shooting was about the persistence of virulent white racism in America, particularly in the South. This shooting is about the need for greater restriction on gun ownership.

If the MSM feel bold enough, they will soon argue that — while nothing justifies the Virginia shooting — it is further evidence of how living in a pervasively racist society drives blacks into an understandable state of rage. This is a trickier ploy, as it’s a sort of “he shouldn’t have done it, but he had his reasons” argument.

My Facebook “friends” absolutely follow the MSM narrative. After Charleston, they were going nuts with posts about the depths of white racism. After this shooting, only a couple of posts, both about how this is a story about guns and the need for greater gun control. People really are sheep when their point of view is dictated primarily by the desire to be well thought of by their peers, not to mention their betters.
It’s sort of bizarre to do a Google search and find:

Screenshot 2015-08-27 01.24.43

And that’s all very logical about the horrible Charleston massacre, a terrorist hate crime, but Charleston’s not in Virginia.

If you substitute “Roanoke” for “Virginia,” you get:

Screenshot 2015-08-27 01.24.12

But then again it’s sort of not bizarre because this kind of thing happens all the time. Narrative Control is our highest value these days.

If the SAT ever brings back analogy questions, it would be interesting to see if Americans still score the same at reasoning analogically. It feels like people are getting worse at noticing analogies, but hopefully that’s just happening in public affairs, not in the business of daily living.

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