Wall And Corner
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"Mr. Bush Build Up This Wall" wrote Jonah Goldberg in the Corner, yesterday. Mr. Bush, put up this wall! wrote Steve Sailer on July 2, 2002. That is a delay of only3 years, 10 months,and 22 days. But who's counting? Jonah goes on to write, in the Corner, that

Don't get me wrong, I can see the symbolism too. For years, I opposed a barrier between the United States and Mexico because of the symbolism. But this objection, while legitimate, isn't sufficient.The Corner on National Review Online, May 23, 2006

Quite right, of course. But what is a fence for, you might ask? Well, it's part of the surrender to the illegals who are already here, because there are 12 million of them, they just can't be deported, and therefore they should receive "forgiveness."

Sure, a secured border might send the signal that America is less welcoming — to illegal immigrants. But it might also open up opportunities to be more welcoming to people waiting in line legally. And, without that signal, it's unlikely the 12 million people here illegally will ever be truly and fully welcomed at all. So, choose your symbolism. For starters, build a wall, USATODAY.com


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