This Price is too High
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No parents of children approaching driving age could be unmoved by the horrible tragedy discussed here yesterday by Brenda Walker, of the 20 year old North Carolina woman killed in a traffic accident by a drunken illegal immigrant driver.

This seems to have become an occupational hazard in the Carolinas. In November we reported on an 18 year old victim, and last July it was the parents of two small children, going on vacation.

There is a general principle here. If a country meets its labor needs by importing large quantities of young men torn from their families and communities in other countries, who do not speak the local language, houses them in squalid conditions and provides them with ready cash, heavy drinking is inevitable. Drunken driving and other crimes will follow. It is an inevitable consequence of using “guest” or migrant workers.

A small consolation is that the Congresswoman who represents the July victims appears to have notably improved her formerly poor voting record on immigration issues.

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