Waiting for the Final Exhale
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There's is good news to report from the world of crime and punishment. A brutal Mexican rapist and murderer of two teenaged girls has been given his execution date: Jose Ernesto Medellin will meet Texas' Old Sparky on August 5.

It is justice that is long overdue. Last fall, the Mexichurian in the White House took the side of Mexican criminals against American crime victims: Bush Crushes Justice for Victim Families. Bush's unconstitutional interference in the judicial branch in collusion with the Mexican government set back the already slow appeals process. But a decision from the Supreme Court reasserted American sovereignty in courts within our boundaries: August execution set for Mexican national who killed 2 Houston girls (KVUE TV, Austin, May 5, 2008).

During Bush’s six-year tenure as Texas governor, 152 inmates went to the state’s death chamber, the nation’s busiest. But the president took the side of Medellin and 50 other Mexican nationals on death rows around the U.S. after an international court ruled in 2004 their convictions violated the 1963 Vienna Convention, which provides that people arrested abroad should have access to their home country’s consular officials.
It has been 15 years since the terrible crime, in which Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena were gang-raped, tortured and finally murdered. Jennifer was only 14; Elizabeth was 16.
A tip from the brother of one of the gang members led police to the arrests in the killings that shocked even crime-hardened Houston.

”This guy got to live 15 more years,” Adolph Pena, Elizabeth’s father, said outside the courtroom. ”It is a long time coming.”

”I’m looking forward to watching (him) die,” said Randy Ertman, Jennifer’s father.

Justice for American families has been delayed for too long. It would have come sooner if the President cared less about Mexicans and more about Americans.
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