Talking With Glenn Spencer...And Watching The Border
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Last weekend while I was researching my column, I spoke with Glenn Spencer whose website American Patrol is one of the key sources (along with VDARE.COM, of course) of information about the illegal alien invasion.

Some time had passed since I had talked with Glenn. And as we were chatting I realized—again—how much he has done for patriotic immigration reform and how indebted we all are to him for his efforts. ”Heroicis how our Juan Mann describes Glenn.

Glenn’s been detailing the immigration crisis and getting the message out to American longer and better than almost anyone.

Recently, Glenn has taken to the air to monitor the progress (or lack thereof) of the border fence project and he posts his photo of the day that captures other border outrages, mainly in the form of unchecked crossings by aliens.and archives previous photos.

Anyone looking for accurate, current border information should not ask the federal government—that’s akin to leading with your chin—but instead seek out Spencer.

American Patrol’s photo of the day is an essential part of your immigration reading.

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