Vogue Williams For Taoiseach! Heroic Irish Model Calls For Muslim Internment, Hasn't Grovelled Yet
June 10, 2017, 02:00 PM
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Occasionally (very rarely) I'm surprised by public figures. Last week, the Irish model Vogue Williams devoted her Sunday World column to call for internment camps for Muslims after recent terrorist attacks and nearly a week later does not seem to have grovelled.

On the other hand, I'm linking to one of many MSM denunciations because, ominously, I can't find the original on the Sunday World website: Defiant Vogue Williams sports floaty florals during London night out... as she emerges after being branded 'cruel and stupid' over call for internment of Muslim terror suspects, by Ciara Farmer and Becky Freeth, Daily Mail, June 9, 2017.

FYI, this is a "Floaty Floral." You're welcome!

I've long concluded that a career in show business, like academe, is incompatible with any kind of overt patriotism, because of the various minority groups that dominate it, so Williams' defiance so far has been extraordinary. Maybe she can change careers—forget half-Indian homosexual Leo Varadkar, Williams for Taoiseach!

To put this in perspective, Williams' position is kinder and gentler than that of VDARE.com—we think the only answer is a moratorium on immigration and Muslim expulsion.