Visa Express Is Back
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It's official.  Visa Express, the expedited visa program for Saudis that gave us the Glorious 19, as the Muslim world  refers to the September 11 hijackers, is back.

The DOS has no shame in its game of electing a new people.  It is advertising its commitment to terrorism and illegal immigration by advertising to the world that it has re-entered the 9/10 Weltanschauung where terrorism is just freedom of speech and illegal immigration is good for America.

The Daily Caller June 13, 2012 by Daniel Halper

State Dept. Video: 'Visit America: It's Easier Than You Think'

A new video released by the State Department is trying to encourage tourists from around the world to visit America.

"Visit America," a caption reads. "It's easier than you think." As tranquil music plays in the background, scenes of American landmarks are displayed onscreen. Another caption states, "Discover America. More than 65 million visitors do each year."

The only voice in the video is that of President Obama. "We've got the best product to sell," Obama says in a clip taken from a January speech at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. "We've got the most entertaining destinations in the world."

A State Department slogan of sorts later flashes on screen, "Department of State: Promoting Security, Welcoming the World."

What the DOS and ABC do not tell us is that of that 65 million people, a large portion will never leave, especially the so-called middle-class visitors from India, Brazil and China.  About half of illegal aliens in the United States came on non-immigrant visas.  And remember the Glorious 19 got the easy visa program.  So ten years after 9/11 the DOS has reopened America to terrorism.




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