Virginian-Pilot: Awful White Supremacist Blogs Denouncing Our Suppression Of The Beating Story
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Pulitzer Prize Contender? Virginian-Pilot Editor Dennis Finley

Life has been hard recently to the editorial board of the Virginian Pilot. They make a perfectly normal attempt to repress the fact that two white members of their staff were attacked by a Black mob in downtown Norfolk after having made the mistake of having attended a Black Theater. (John Derbyshire's warning applied!)


Then, first (I intuit) the serfs they employ mutiny, obliging them to report the story via an opinion column 16 days late. Following that the evil GOP-serving Drudge Report takes notice. Result: the story

…has been perverted on Internet sites from Facebook to political blogs to the most awful white supremacist precincts. Those emails and calls came from California and Cincinnati, from New York and from locations unknown.…

They have used email and Twitter and the Internet to stir racial animosity, to articulate the rankest bigotry and to spew vulgarity and cowardly threats at any and every one.

Norfolk needs a civil conversation May 3, 2012

Terrible thing, Sunlight.

The Virginian-Pilot paid tribute to its readers:

Many of the letters this page has received from local residents were passionate; some were thoughtful.

Some of the letters expressed sadness and anger, both about the crime and this newspaper’s response to it. Some worried about the reporters and about the newspaper’s decisions. Some pointed out…that this community can’t do anything about such attacks if we don’t know about them.

We agree.

They do?

Judging by the few comments which have been allowed through so far this new thread could be a prize specimen. One in particular fastened on the Virginian-Pilot’s disparagement of the out-of-town interventions:

This conversation cannot and should not be ceded to those people, most of whom couldn’t locate Hampton Roads on a map but have nevertheless taken it upon themselves to tell us what this attack means and how we all should react in its aftermath.
At 6:57 am on 05/03/2012 Donald S Vtpil said
How many members of the VP staff could have located Sanford, Florida, on a map before they joined the chorus and took it upon themselves to tell us what this attack meant and how we all should react in its aftermath?
As I said last night, this story is a classic example of the Age of Obama: Black criminality/Police cowardice/MSM Dishonesty - compounded by arrogance.

Complain to Virginia-Pilot Editor Dennis Finley

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