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Lawrence Auster reports that a recent flash mob–I. E. an incident semi-organized attacks on white victims by black “youths”–is being reported in the explicitly racial terms used by the victims, and indeed by the attackers.

He writes

white witnesses, victims, media, police, and officialdom clearly and without hesitation identified a black flash mob that had attacked whites as a black flash mob that had attacked whites. What led them to do this? In other similar events all over the country for the past several months, any mention of race had been suppressed. The mobs were always raceless “teens,” never black teens. Yet now the whites plainly speak of the black rampagers as black.

Of course, the “youths” themselves are frequently heard shouting anti-white epithets.

But there’s a danger that even those members of the MSM startled into reporting such facts will dismiss this as an isolated incident. That’s because they don’t, themselves realize the extent to which the other members of the MSM are suppressing this.

To put it another way, the local incident that a reporter sees will be literally the first he’s heard of it–he doesn’t read, VFR, or American Renaissance. It may be that his computer won’t let him.

That’s why I’m posting a table, taken from, to give you an idea of the sheer scale of the mob violence. As with my own list of Immigrant Mass Murders, there will be opportunities to say “Hey, you missed one,” but I’m sure it will be updated.


List of Flash Mobs, Wildings, & Group Criminal Mischief

Date City # of Participants Casualties/Damage Source 1 Source 2
8/4/11 Milwaukee Dozens to Hundreds Mayhem and multiple assaults at Wisconsin State Fair
7/31/11 Pittsburgh ~100 Teens causing mayhem and fighting swarm McDonalds, Trader Joe’s, and a Target store
7/29/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Teens assault and rob pedestrians, damage property
7/26/11 Winfield, NJ 150 Fighting and arrests at firefighters carnival
7/25/11 Washington DC
Victoria’s Secret store in Georgetown looted midday
7/23/11 Greensboro, NC Hundreds Man assaulted in park, former mayor’s business vandalized
7/23/11 Ottawa, ON 35-40 Convenience store ransacked, $800 in merchandise taken
7/17/11 NYC 5 Assailants assault and rob subway passenger
7/16/11 Denver 4-5 Baseball-bat wielding thugs hit couple in the head, rob purse (same M.O. as Denver 6/26 attack)
7/8/11 Redford, MI 15-20 Convenience store ransacked
7/7/11 Minneapolis Unknown Mother and daughters assaulted
7/5/11 Atlantic City 100 15 men fighting, 2 shot
7/4/11 Milwaukee 15-20 Two gas station convenience stores ransacked, employees assaulted
7/3/11 Chicago ~10 Assault with stabbing
7/3/11 Bayonne, NJ 13-20 Young man brutally assaulted
7/?/11 Dallas Dozens Convenience store ransacked
6/28/11 Atlanta 30-35 $15k in high end merchandise stolen from Sole boutique
6/28/11 Fairfield, CA 5 Convenience store robbed, owner assaulted and killed
6/27/11 San Francisco 4 Teens rob one man of camera, iPod, and bicycle. Twenty minutes later, same teens stab another man and steal his backpack
6/2611 Denver 4-5 Couple assaulted with baseball bat, stole purse
6/26/11 Cleveland 75-100 Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/25/11 Washington DC Dozens Fighting after Caribbean Carnival
6/25/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Several assaulted
6/24/11 Peoria 50-70 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/23/11 Upper Darby, PA 35-50 Sears store ransacked
6/23/11 St. Louis 5 Teens assault and rob man near MetroLink station
6/21/11 Chicago 50 Walgreens store ransacked
6/20/11 Columbia, SC 8 18 year old brutally assaulted
6/18/11 Northern VA 5 Two incidents of robbery + assaults
6/15/11 Kansas City 25-30 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/15/11 Solon, OH 5 Teens threaten and chase victim after he declines to give them a cigar
6/15/11 Vancouver, BC Thousands 140 injured and $5M CAD in property damage after Stanley Cup game
6/7/11 Chicago 15 Mob stormed CTA buses, stole electronic devices - Two separate attacks
6/6/11 Bessemer, AL Dozens Fighting at amusement park
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Harassing, refusing to let pedestrians go past on sidewalk
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 68 year old man robbed while sitting on bench
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man robbed of his iPod on bicycle path, then a bicyclist assaulted and robbed of wallet, bike, and iPhone
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man assaulted while sitting on his scooter×6
5/30/11 Chicago Unknown Fighting, harassing
5/30/11 Nashville Hundreds Crowd causing mayhem shuts down water park
5/30/11 Boston <1000 Fighting
5/31/11 NYC Hundreds Fighting
5/22/11 NYC 15-20 Dunkin Donuts store ransacked
5/1/11 Las Vegas 35 Convenience store ransacked
4/29/11 Washington DC 20-30 Clothing store robbery
4/19/11 Harrisburg 8 Bicyclist assaulted
4/17/11 Atlanta 20-30 Delta employees assaulted on MARTA train
4/16/11 Los Angeles Hundreds One man shot on the Venice Beach boardwalk
4/10/11 Chicago 70 Mayhem at McDonalds
4/9/11 Rock Hill, SC 8 Group attacks gay man outside of convenience store
4/?/11 Chicago 100 Bicyclists assaulted
4/?/11 Washington DC 20-25 Clothing store robbery at Georgetown Tee’s
2/28/11 Irvington, NJ 5 High school students attack math teacher
2/23/11 St. Paul 30-50 Convenience store ransacked
2/20/11 Sacramento 6-8 Local news reporter and photographer assaulted
2/13/11 South Orange, NJ 500 Mayhem in suburb
1/26/11 Memphis ~10 Photojournalist assaulted, camera damaged
1/21/11 NYC 5 Teenage girls attack Wendy’s cashier after she asks them to behave or leave (they were fighting and throwing food)
1/2/11 Milwaukee Dozens Mayhem at Mayfair Mall
1/?/11 Chicago 11 The North Face, Filene’s Basement, Express, and AX Armani Exchange store robberies
12/25/10 Bradenton, FL Dozens Marine and wife assaulted at theater
12/3/10 Birmingham 6 Convenience store ransacked, store owners assaulted
11/19/10 Seattle 5 Teenage girls attack pregnant girl on bus
11/17/10 Madison, WI 4 Teens chase, assault, and rob teenager
10/23/10 Buffalo 5 Teens beat and robbed five University of Buffalo students
10/9/10 Harrisburg > Dozen Husband, wife, and two friends assaulted near Restaurant Row
10/?/10 St. Paul 20 BP convenience store ransacked, store clerk assaulted (See video at 1:18 mark)
9/24/10 Monroe, OH 5 Teen girls shoplift over $1,600 in merchandise from mall
9/23/10 Champaign,IL 4 Man assaulted
8/21/10 Des Moines 30-40 Assaults at Iowa State Fairgrounds
6/17/10 Cleveland Dozens Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/14/10 Pittsburgh 8 26 year old bicyclist attacked and robbed of backpack
5/8/10 New Orleans 6 Two men assaulted and robbed near French Quarter
4/24/10 Chattanooga 250 Five people shot, no fatalities
4/10/10 Kansas City 700-900 Assaults on the Country Club Plaza
4/4/10 NYC >100 Four people shot in Times Square
3/2?/10 Cleveland 6-7 Teens pull 73 year old man from car, viciously assault man and passenger
3/20/10 Philadelphia <1000 Assaults
3/3/10 Philadelphia 50-100 Fighting
2/16/10 Philadelphia 150 Macy’s store vandalized
1/17/10 Atlanta 9 Three cars stolen, then $50k in jeans stolen during smash-and-grab from Focus Clothing in downtown Atlanta, then another smash and grab at convenience store
1/10/10 Atlanta 4 Smash-and-grab robbery at liquor store
12/18/09 Philadelphia 70-100 Assaults
12/3/09 Philadelphia 70 30 Asian students assaulted by fellow black students
9/24/09 Chicago Dozens 16 year old beaten to death with wooden plank
7/4/09 Akron <50 Family assaulted after watching fireworks
8/1/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
7/?/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
6/6/09 Columbia, MO 7 Man brutally attacked in parking garage
5/30/09 Philadelphia >100 One male severely beaten, cars damaged (taxi stolen), convenience store ransacked, other individuals assaulted
5/20/09 Atlanta 4 For third time in a month, optical store is victimized by smash-and-grab robbery; this time $50K in designer eyeglass frames are stolen
5/13/09 Washington DC 9 Clothing store robbery
10/26/08 NYC 5 Teens beat and rob subway passenger for iPod and mobile phone
10/25/08 Seattle 5 Five teens beat beloved Tuba Man to death
7/26/08 St. Louis >20 Family of five returning home from airport attacked near MetroLink parking lot
6/10/08 Unknown ~100 Convenience store ransacked
6/1/08 Mt Clemens, MI 12-20 Group beats man unconscious, assaults another - Later, group robs and assaults man at gas station
4/14/08 Maywood, IL 5 Chicago women rob clothing store, crash car
4/?/08 Polk County, FL 8 Teenagers beat up student to post video on MySpace and YouTube
3/26/08 Philadelphia 5 Five teenagers beat innocent SEPTA passenger, trigger asthma attack which kills him
11/23/07 Tuscon 100 Convenience store ransacked
4/1/06 NYC 4 Teenagers attempt to rob college student, chase him into street where he is hit by a car and killed
3/30/05 Columbus 30 Four girls assaulted and verbally accosted
9/29/02 Milwaukee 16 Man beaten to death after confronting youngsters who threw an egg at him
4/20/02 Santa Clara, CA Dozens Fighting, convenience store ransacked
Unknown Miami Beach 15 Retail store ransacked
Unknown Unknown >50 Convenience store ransacked
Unknown Unknown 10 Retail store ransacked
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