Victory in Rhode Island Ignored by MSM
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A Rhode Island reader has informed me that our tiniest state has once again beaten back the ACLU.

The facts: Last summer, a state trooper pulled over a van jam packed with some fifteen people. Only a few of them could produce any identification and only one of them could speak English. So the trooper took them into custody and contacted ICE — all of them turned out to be Guatemalan illegals.

Sound reasonable? The ACLU disagreed and sued the Rhode Island State Police alleging that the trooper engaged in racial profiling. But last week, U.S. District Judge Mary Lisi ruled that the trooper had acted appropriately. [Judge dismisses immigrants’ suit< /em>, By C. Eugene Emery Jr., Providence Journal, January 1, 2009] This is the second time the Ocean State has defeated the ACLU in five months. Last fall, a federal judge denied the ACLU’s attempt to overturn Gov. Don Carcieri’s Executive Order requiring all state agencies and contractors to use E-Verify.

My question: Does anyone think the MSM would have ignored this story had the ACLU won? And how could a state that continues to re-elect Patrick Kennedy otherwise practice so much common sense on immigration?

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