Muslim Immigration: Wisdom Spreads...Slowly
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Hat tip: The Kvetcher for news that a long overdue event is happening...sort of.
For a long-time in the mainstream Jewish community, it seemed only Stephen Steinlight was brave enough to publicly declare it wasn't in the Jewish community's interest to support mass immigration from Islamic countries. (In fact, Steinlight went further, questioning the wisdom of accepting mass immigration from Mexico, because he is a fearless and principled man, who treasures his country and his community more than being popular).

Well, it's over seven years later, and finally the hawkish Left is coming round.

Jewish Unease Towards Mass Immigration From Islamic Countries Spreads Left By DK 2009/01/05

The Kvetcher is reporting signs of deviationism from immigration enthusiasm by a Grandee of the Jewish Establishment

Marty Peretz writes on TNR

"This morning I watched a frightening episode in the public life of America. It was a demonstration by, say, 200 Muslim immigrants in Fort Lauderdale against the Israeli air strikes over Gaza. Now, the first amendment protects such demos, and I would not for a moment want to curb them. But I ask each of you to pay attention to the details of what was being shouted. Especially by the young women screaming, ”Jews to the ovens.” No jihad in America, huh? Do we want such immigrants in our country? "

( emphasis.)

The Kvetcher piece has imported TNR's YouTube item on the demonstration. DK goes on to lament the imperviousness of elements in his community to

little inconveniences like terrorism, harassment, and a loss of power from say, an additional ten million religious Muslims immigrating to the U.S.
and expresses the hope that "getting a nod from a TNR macher"will help persuade centrist Jewish organizations that
the Muslim immigrant masses themselves, well, they'll always have Paris. We really don't need more of this sh**.
( censorship—PB orders.)

It is heartening to see someone appreciate our old friend Steve Steinlight. As I said after the Seattle shooting in 2006:

Given the facts of the Middle East situation, and given the nature of the American involvement, is it wise or prudent to have significant Muslim immigration?

Poor Steve Steinlight tried to raise this question five years ago (triangulating against VDARE.COM in the process). His reward has been obscurity. But it remains a salient and valid question

Unfortunately the Comment threads on both The Kvetcher and the TNR pieces do not show the message is spreading fast.
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