Victor Davis Hanson on Dishwashing
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Victor Davis Hanson, author of Mexifornia, has an article in the LA Times about doing without immigrants labor. The title:A Quick Fix — Do Your Own Dishes,[ May 15, 2005]

Aside from the political aspect( "The right would have to quit calling reformers 'nativists'' and 'protectionists' and accept strict employer fines for hiring undocumented aliens.") on which he tends to be somewhat fuzzy, he's got a larger social point: the United States doesn't need immigrant labor that badly.

Finally, we citizens who are in the middle must restore our lost work ethic and accept that our children are better off working in the yard than at the mall, remembering that not long ago our beds were made, our concrete poured and our food cooked without imported cheap labor from Mexico.
Many of the things that employers want immigrant laborers to do can be done by machines, a point I made here four years ago. Some of them can be done, obviously, by unemployed Americans, and some of them you can do yourself. Like he said, wash your own dishes. Immigration has consequences that go beyond the benefits to the employer. An illegal dishwasher is sought for questioning in the murder of Detective Donald Young.
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