Mexican Immigration: More Problems Than Just Litter
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My recent blog item on the propensity of Latinos to litter triggered a powerful response. Americans, it seems, resent immigrants littering almost as much as their cruelty to animals. (Brenda Walker’s They Kill Horses, Don't They? (Mexicans, That Is.) is amongst our most widely read items.)

But there are broader reasons to be dubious about the flood of Mexicans inundating every corner of America at present. These are powerfully and elegantly discussed in Greenbacks and ‘Wetbacks’: Mexico’s Northern Strategy” posted on ChronWatch by Robert Klein Engler (links added):

One look at the skirt of snakes and necklace of human hearts worn by the statue of the Aztec goddess Coatlicue at the Museo Nacional de Antropologial in Mexico City and you realize the history of Mexico is very different from that of the U. S…there is a substratum of cruelty and violence in Mexican culture that is best left outside the United States…” The Mexican government makes it impossible for its citizens to earn a living in their own country. For the sake of greenbacks, the poor of Mexico have decided to become illegals. There is no patriotism in this decision, nor is there idealism about the values of the U. S. Declaration of Independence, either…Ask an illegal immigrant from Mexico about their motives and this is what they will tell you: “I go north for money, not to become a gringo…” ”.

What other ethnic group in the U. S. has a newspaper called “La Raza,” which means, “The Race?”… this strain of Mexican racism…acts as an obstacle to assimilation into American society…Maria Hsia Chang, Professor of Political Science at the University of Nevada…writes, “Today, there are reasons to believe that Chicanos (and Mexicans) as a group are unlike previous immigrants in that they are more likely to remain unassimilated and unintegrated, whether by choice or circumstance, resulting in the formation of a separate quasi-nation within the United States…””

"The Mexican government has a plan,” writes Howard Sutherland, “the ongoing Mexicanization of the United States, paid for by Americans. The spectacle of a superpower being colonized by its impotent neighbor is without precedent in modern history.” What Sutherland calls the Mexican government’s “Northern Strategy” is nothing more than…an act of slow and dispersed terrorism against the U. S.”

If we have 11 million illegal immigrants in our midst, and more than half of them are unwitting Mexican agents with no desire to assimilate, then we do not have to wait for a sudden 9/11 terror attack to happen again. Coatlicue awakens. The cultural divide widens. Another catastrophe is already upon us.”

Hat Tip, American Renaissance.


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