Very Few Deaths These Days From Covid, In Case You're Worried About Trump
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Earlier: Drudge, Bloomberg, Scare With 200K Covid Milestone, But Ignore The Fact That The Curve HAS Flattened Editor Peter Brimelow frequently points out that if you look at the logarithmic scale of the site, it shows a much slower growth than you'd expect from media coverage—the curve has flattened.

In this case the deaths column shows basically zero. This is not actually zero, some people are dying, but it means that deaths from coronavirus are now less than half of one percent, so it rounds to zero.

So the prognosis for a healthy Chief Executive being cared for at U.S. Navy Hospital is pretty good. Biden, on the other hand, could be killed by the common cold at this point. They've made a point of announcing that Biden has tested negative for Coronavirus, but after all, Trump is the guy who's tested negative for dementia.

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