VDARE's First Bleg─TV Advice
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I don't think VDARE.com ever posted a bleg before?the SECOND meaning here.  

Well, I have a bleg.  SECOND meaning.  Any reader with sensible advice please email me at the e-address on my website home page.

Our family TV has given up the ghost.  It's an old console mode?so old we can't even get anyone to come round and look at the problem.  When we call, they just laugh.  To be precise, it's a Sony 32XBR55 that we purchased in June, 1992.  We are late abandoners.

The set has been good to us (thanks, Sony!) and we shall of course give it a proper funeral, kerbside . . . if we can get it out of the house: it weighs as much as a small truck.

After all this time, though, I am seriously out of touch with developments in TV technology.  I need some shopping advice.  That's the bleg.

I've heard that Smart TV is a good idea if you watch very little sport (that's us), and would let us drop the TV option from our local cable provider.  Browsing the internet, though, Smart TV looks like an unsettled technology.  We are not early adopters.

Our budget is that appropriate to a lower-middle-middle-class family in the Northeast.

All advice will be gratefully received.


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