Menendez, Melgen, And Immigration—Dr. Melgen Is An Immigrant Himself
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Robert Menendez, a Cuban-American Democratic Senator from New Jersey, is involved in a sex-and-corruption scandal with Dr. Salomon Melgen and some possibly underage hookers in the Dominican Republic. (For the record, the age of consent in the Dominican Republic is 18...and 16 in New Jersey.)

Michelle Malkin has covered some aspects of it in two columns: Ladies Against Senator Sleaze-Bob—Robert Menendez’s Caribbean Sex Trips Expose Dem Hypocrisy and The Company Sen. Sleaze-Bob Menendez Keeps.

Robert Stacy McCain has pointed to a certain lack of interest by the Democratic-controlled Mainstream Media: If You Don’t Think ‘Jailbait Hookers’ Is Headline News, You Don’t Know News

Now the Daily Caller's Mickey Kaus tweets an actual corruption story from an MSM source:

So at what point is it appropriate to point out that Dr. Melgen is actually an immigrant himself? Only this story in the Miami Herald described him as an immigrant:

By most appearances, Dr. Salomon Melgen embodies the great American immigrant success story: A native of the Dominican Republic, Melgen has earned renown as one of South Florida’s leading eye surgeons. He owns a sprawling, waterfront home in North Palm Beach valued at about $3 million. He gives generously to charities and rubs elbows with prominent politicians.[Complex portrait of doctor linked to Menendez probe, January 31, 2013]

Other stories, in a previously noted euphemism,  say  "Melgen is a native of the Dominican Republic but has lived in the U.S. since 1980."

I. E. he's one of those skilled immigrants we hear so much about. The Melgen Eye Center has produced many benefits for Americans who can now see better. It must have produced a lot of benefits for Americans, or Salomon Melgen would never have been able to spend $700, 000 in donations to a Senator from another state, and he wouldn't have been accused of overbilling Medicare for $8.9 million dollars.

But even if he's not going to be on welfare like other immigrants from the Dominican Republic, he's not actually going to constitute a net benefit for America

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