VDARE RADIO ON THE AIR! Trump And The "No True Conservative" Fallacy
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I’m your host Virginia Dare and I’ve got some bad news for you – apparently, if you’re supporting Donald Trump, you’re no longer a conservative. The reasoning is getting so weird and complicated it’s hard to take seriously. National Review actually has complained that Trump doesn’t say the word “freedom” enough. Is this what passes for intellectual conservatism, saying a person’s commitment is judged by how often they can repeat certain clichés?

The truth is that what is so often defined as conservatism, at least by those in the Beltway, is simply a collection of buzzwords designed to sell an agenda that benefits those in power. It means trade deals that send American jobs overseas. It means illegal immigration at home and cheap labor. It means giving away American sovereignty for the benefit of international financiers.

Not surprisingly, a lot of Trump supporters are eager to dismiss the term “conservative” entirely. But I’m not so sure. The term conservative has an honorable history. And I don’t think we should give it up.

Because the truth is, we are conservatives. We are trying to conserve the existence of the country itself. We are trying to preserve our culture, our way of life, our sovereignty, and the existence of our people. ETC.


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