VDARE.com Webinar WILL Be Available As A Recording...But Sign Up For Saturday Anyway!
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In answer to readers' queries, there WILL be a recorded version of VDARE.com's FIRST EVER WEBINAR, which will be broadcast on this Saturday, January 19 (details here).

We're just not quite sure when, or how much it will cost. So the surest, and perhaps cheapest, way to see what John Derbyshire, James Fulford, Steve Sailer, Paul Kersey and James Kirkpatrick are saying about America's future on the eve of Obama's Jan 21 inauguration (and to see me being moderate, or at least moderating) is to SIGN UP and log on Saturday!

We'll be accepting questions via Twitter or webinar software.

This technology is liberating, but it's also confusing.

See you Saturday!




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