VDARE.com On NEW YORK Magazine's Idea Of "White Nationalism"
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New York Magazine's feature What It’s Like to Leave White Nationalism, by James D. Walsh, December 20, 2019 (part of their cover story about the evils of white people generally) is not, when they say "white nationalism, talking about white advocates like Jared Taylor, or patriotic immigration reformers like us, but about a member of a white prison gang, the Aryan Nation. This is simply a smear, as we answered on Twitter.

By the way, the article says that the prison gang in question was "Founded by white bikers to protect white inmates inside prisons..." But it doesn't say what they needed protection from.

The answer, of course, is black prison gangs, which are notorious not only for violence, but for interracial homosexual rape.

Which brings up a point: is there any funding for organizations to help black criminals stop hating whites, and if there is such an organization, what will New York magazine have to say about it?

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