Obama Administration Bored With Trying To Stop Black-On-White Prison Rape
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But, now the New York Times has found a New Face of Prison Rape to try to get Lynch Law excited about doing something with the 2003 anti-prison rape law: a shaven-headed black gay male inmate who recently decided he was a lady named Passion Star:

Push to End Prison Rapes Loses Earlier Momentum
NEW BOSTON, Tex. — The inmate, dressed in prison whites with a shaved head and incongruously tender eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses, entered the visiting room with her wrists joined as if she were handcuffed. At 31, she had spent her whole adult life behind bars, and it looked like a posture of habit.
She introduced herself: “My given name at birth was Joshua Zollicoffer, but my preferred name is Passion Star.”
A transgender woman whose gender identity has been challenged by Texas authorities, Ms. Star herself is challenging Texas’ refusal to accept new national standards intended to eliminate rape in prison, which disproportionately affects gay and transgender prisoners.
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