VDARE.com New $10,500 Matching Grant: Expires Midnight, 12/31!
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This is the last push of VDARE.com’s year-end fundraising drive and as a result you’ll see that we have a lot going on: this popup is more persistent, our social media asks are more frequent — and as advertised in bold colors above, a particularly generous couple of donors have stepped up to offer a joint matching grant to close out 2015!

Our goal here is to hit $100,000. As of this writing, we are $19,613 short.

To us, this is an unprecedented goal – and unprecedented success! – but even if we make it, we are not out of the woods for the coming year. Over the past five years, I have seen some startling evolutions here at VDARE.com and they don’t exactly reflect standard market forces.

THE FIRST is a constant downward slope in our ability to solicit funds from large organizations, or large donations from individual people. The reason for this decline is quite clearly spelled out for me in the form of apologies from those potential supporters I have solicited: the climate is too scary. People are afraid to have their name sullied by the guilt-by-association tactics that are commonplace in today’s tumultuous Main Stream Media-versus-masses battles over Political Correctness.

I have distinctly mixed feelings about this excuse. On the one hand, the fears are legitimate. It is a risk to be a supporter of organizations like VDARE.com, whom the MSM loves to asperse, often in very personal terms.

On the other hand – especially in the case of organizations – DO WE WANT A COUNTRY OR NOT? The risks of losing what is ours far outweigh the risks of not fighting for it at all.

THE SECOND trend I see is the incredible growth that we’ve seen in our movement. All measures are up: web traffic, social media presence, number of donors (even as their donations remain small), mentions in mainstream publications (friendly or unfriendly) and actual penetration of our message among the general public and a few key public figures. Is it possible that VDARE.com is no longer America’s Cassandra? That people are hearing our message and taking up our call? All signs point to yes.

This leaves VDARE.com at an odd crossroads, at the intersection of increasing demand and decreased institutional funding. Our donor base has not yet bridged the gap left by the loss of our grant funding, but it gets closer every day. I have confidence that we can make it up – if we have time. But time is a luxury, and one we really can’t afford.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

We need you to donate NOW. Today. As generously as you are able. Add your voice to our ever-growing chorus of brave and righteous supporters who are willing to fight to keep America American.

Onward and upward,

Lydia Brimelow

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