War on Christmas: SALON's Christmas Day Hateclickbait Attack On The Virgin Birth
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The above was retweeted by blogger Ace of Spades. Here's his reaction:

What author Valerie Tarico [Email her] is saying is that the horrible message of the Virgin Birth is that virginity is a good thing. (Also, men who want to be sure of the paternity of their children are evil—after all, according to St. Matthew's Gospel, St. Joseph, before the angel appeared to him, was "was minded to put her away".)

Tarrico's original title, when the article was published on Alternet, was

Why the Christian Virgin Birth Is Seriously Messed Up

The birth story of baby Jesus celebrates the promise of new life, but for girls it also sends a harmful message.

By Valerie Tarico / AlterNet

December 22, 2015

Salon presumably changed the title because it was Christmas Day.
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